Vision 2021

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The UAE is going the GREEN way, and so are we!

At Smartbox, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are based in the UAE, a wonderfully progressive nation that has given its residents endless opportunities while asking for little in return. Dubai has shown us firsthand what a city can achieve when its government sets its heart on seemingly impossible goals, and keeps us inspired and motivated to outperform ourselves each time.

Dubai’s vision for 2021 is exactly what ours has been since our inception in XXX – SUSTAINABILITY. Giving back to mother nature what she has been giving us unstintingly for so long – by minimising the carbon footprint, optimising the utility of resources and incorporating the three Rs into our everyday lives.

The manifesto of UAE’s Vision 2021, which can be found at, lists out various targets and goals the nation aims to achieve by the year 2021. It covers all the varied aspects of state development from healthcare and job creation, thus enhancing the quality of life for all citizens in the UAE — and all this in the greenest possible way.

As a pioneer of a unique and sustainable construction option, SmartBox upholds the very same values, which is the reason we aim to meet and exceed most of the green standards outlined in the environmental regulations prescribed in Vision 2021. We are committed to supporting our clients’ sustainability agenda by not only providing a cutting edge construction technology, but also through providing them with the option of incorporating further green measures into their living/working spaces.

As far as the ‘Sustainable Environment and Infrastructure’ part of Dubai – Vision 2021 is concerned, we are so ready!

And waiting.