Cargotecture as Refugee Housing

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Cargotecture as Refugee Housing

A record number of people are being displaced in the world today, unable to continue living in the place they once called home. Governments across the world are reacting to this crisis in varied ways, but the UAE has already declared that it will welcome 15,000 Syrian refugees in the coming years. The Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Al Hashemi has stated that “we must not just meet the basic needs of refugees, but we also maintain their dignity and offer hope for their future.”

The major issues facing a government or charitable institution working towards housing refugees are time, space and resources. This is where container conversion offers a real solution. Due to its drastically reduced construction time, the inherent safety and sustainability of container structures and their cost and space saving attributes, cargotecture has for years been hailed as the solution to urban housing problems. The Wenckehof container village in Amsterdam and the container homes built by Brighton Housing Trust, UK are both examples of this kind of success story.

We believe that these very same attributes make it the ideal for refugee housing. It is possible to build housing for a large number of people in a fiscally and environmentally sustainable way with cargotecture. The German government has already begun to do so in places like Hamburg.

SmartBox built its reputation as container conversion specialists by executing such large scale projects efficiently and consistently exceeding client expectations. We regularly deliver long lasting, highly livable spaces for families and communities under tight deadlines and within budgets. We take great pride in making structures that enhance peoples’ quality of life and we wholeheartedly support housing and dignity for all.

Below: The Wenckehof Container Village in Amsterdam.