Infinite Possibilities

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When it comes to properties very close to the beach, traditional construction is not an option – the need to dig deep foundations makes it unviable and in most places, against the law. So to build something by the beach, it’s best to think inside the box, so to speak – an 8’X20’ or 8’X40’ one, preferably.

Think container conversion: cost effective, eco-friendly, low maintenance – not to mention almost zero violation of the earth it stands on!

Check out this infinity pool we built out of two 40ft containers for an island beach. It took us 10 days to complete the assignment, from drafting the design to delivering and setting up the final structure in Abu Dhabi.

What we have is a fully functional pool, fitted with the required pumps and lighting. Little wonder then that in almost no time, it has become the beachgoer favourite! Who wouldn’t want to soak in the view from here?


SMART construction works at any level – from basic accommodation units, high-end apartments and villas to offices and other purpose-built structures. You name it, we make it. To know more about container conversion and how it can be used to address virtually any construction need, please click here.