Low Income Housing

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The Government of Dubai recently announced its plans to invest in affordable housing for low income groups in the city. A very welcome move spearheaded by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, this will offer the opportunity for a better lifestyle to every section of the city’s population.

The project also demonstrates the government’s commitment to fostering a more cohesive and united society through effective collaboration with the private sector.

According to Abdullah Al Shaibani, Secretary-General of the Executive Council of Dubai, “The Dubai government is on standby at all times to find solutions and meet the changing and growing needs of all community members. It always seeks to be up-to-date with all accelerating developments in all domains in a manner that supports the development process and directives of Shaikh Hamdan.”

At SmartBox, we believe that when it comes to addressing urban housing needs, Cargotecture  is the safest, most cost-effective and durable technology available today. We have already discussed the major logistical and economic advantages of using container conversion to create affordable housing in our previous posts (link to smartbox.ae/blog/cargotecture-as-refugee-housing).

SmartBox’s manufacturing facility is strategically located in Dubai’s Al Quoz industrial area, with easy access to both the major ports. This reduces construction time and cost significantly, allowing us to focus on enhancing the quality of our production. Also worthy of mention is the fact that Cargotecture  is a technology that closely aligns with Dubai government’s sustainability agenda.

In a city like Dubai that is constantly evolving, these container homes are easy to transport, which means that entire complexes can be moved as per peoples requirements with least impact on the environment.

Team SmartBox once again salutes the spirit of compassion with which Dubai has entered the Year of Giving, and we are keen to support this noble venture.



Affordable Housing built from Cargotecture, Amsterdam