My brush with Cargotecture!

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For the past year, used shipping containers have occupied a lot of my time and mind space. Of course, it’s a part of my job to think and write about shipping container conversion, but when it comes to this topic, it’s the case of my ‘vocation and avocation’ being one, as Robert Frost had said.

Prior to taking this up, a shipping container was just a mammoth, painted steel box on top of a truck that loomed menacingly ahead of your car on the highway. One vaguely wondered what it might be carrying, from where to where, which seas it might have crossed…stuff like that. Nothing one gave another thought to once your car overtook the truck.

But over the past year, reading about Cargotecture (container-based construction), visiting the plant and seeing how it works, talking to the visionaries behind it, I have learned a lot about the not-so-humble shipping container.