Smart Cafe Concepts!

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Smart Cafe Concepts!

At SmartBox, we’re always hard at work – designing, iterating, building, transporting and assembling our structures to meet the demands of our varied and discerning clients from across the world.

That is not all, however.  We also spend a good amount of time dreaming up workable concepts worthy of the cutting edge technology that container conversion is. And guess what? We come up with some pretty neat ideas – even if we say so ourselves.

Take a look at this café concept our design team has sketched down!




Ideal as a standalone outlet, we can build this dream cafe out of a single 20’ container. Or we can add to the square feet, laterally or vertically, by joining more than one container – it all depends on what our client’s requirements are.  We made a more expansive structure for Pizza Hut last year:


Our container spaces are regularly fitted with highly specialised equipment and infrastructure – from restaurant kitchens to dining halls – as per client requirements. We also do the interiors where necessary.

At Smart Box, we are equipped to move from concept stage to completion of a single unit in 7 working days! For larger units of up to 30 containers (4,800 square feet of usable space), we take less than a month. Speed and quality of production are top priority with us.

Transportability is another advantage that is inherent to container conversion. As all SMART modules are made using Standard ISO Marine Containers designed for the sole purpose of efficient intermodal transportation, our structures can be transferred easily (by land, sea or air) to any location, however remote. Once there, they can be assembled immediately used in the same way as traditionally constructed buildings.

To read more about how SMART construction offers a viable alternative to traditional construction options in terms or durability, cost, safety and sustainability, please click here.