Dubai Creek Harbour

For Team SmartBox, being a part of the prestigious Dubai Creek Harbour (DCH) has been as humbling as it was exciting. An ambitious, future-facing project that merges Emaar standards of luxury with Dubai’s sustainability vision, DCH is a gorgeous waterfront development that sits abreast of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. A stellar model for..


D63 Last Exit – Al Qudra

At Smart Box, we’re working on a bunch of really exciting projects! It’s always exhilarating to take on new challenges – push boundaries, so to speak.  And we are thrilled to share them with you! In January, Smart Box furnished the gorgeous D63 Last Exit in Al Qudra with food trucks and installations. The whole..


Are Shipping Containers the Future of Urban Farming?

All evidence seems to suggest so! Containerised hydroponic farming units are now capable of growing much larger harvests throughout the year using much less. Hydroponics refers to a technique of growing plants with no soil. Instead, the nutrients and minerals necessary for their growth are dissolved in water and the roots of the plants are..


Cargotecture as Refugee Housing

Cargotecture as Refugee Housing A record number of people are being displaced in the world today, unable to continue living in the place they once called home. Governments across the world are reacting to this crisis in varied ways, but the UAE has already declared that it will welcome 15,000 Syrian refugees in the coming..


Vision 2021

The UAE is going the GREEN way, and so are we! At Smartbox, we pride ourselves in the fact that we are based in the UAE, a wonderfully progressive nation that has given its residents endless opportunities while asking for little in return. Dubai has shown us firsthand what a city can achieve when its..


A Tribute to the UAE’s Legacy

A Tribute to the UAE’s Legacy The inaugural edition of Mother of the Nation Festival (MoNF) hosted by the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority on Abu Dhabi Corniche in March-April, 2016 was truly a first of its kind festival in the region. A  celebration of the inspirational values of the Mother of the UAE..


Infinite Possibilities

  When it comes to properties very close to the beach, traditional construction is not an option – the need to dig deep foundations makes it unviable and in most places, against the law. So to build something by the beach, it’s best to think inside the box, so to speak – an 8’X20’ or..


Smart Cafe Concepts!

Smart Cafe Concepts! At SmartBox, we’re always hard at work – designing, iterating, building, transporting and assembling our structures to meet the demands of our varied and discerning clients from across the world. That is not all, however.  We also spend a good amount of time dreaming up workable concepts worthy of the cutting edge..


‘The Tram’ in a Container

‘The Tram’ in a Container How does a pioneering Government entity like the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) express their commitment to a sustainable future? Through a carbon-free, fully recycled working kiosk, modelled after the Dubai Tram! And a prestigious event like WETEX 2016 provided the perfect opportunity to reflect those priorities. Conceptualised and built..


Cargotecture: Pillars of Strength

While making complex modules out of shipping containers, one of the questions that often comes to mind is whether removing the ‘walls’ of a container to join it with another will affect the strength of the container itself. The answer is a firm ‘NO’. According to Container Handbook [] , ‘the load-carrying element of all..

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