UAE office made from shipping containers

The new regional headquarters of cargo-inspection company Geochem has been built out of 42 shipping containers by Dubai company Smartbox. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National A building made entirely out of shipping containers might not sound like the most glamorous place to work, but staff at a unique new office will tell you it..

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Amazing container homes and offices made in UAE

As a child Arjun Menon’s favourite pastime was building things with Lego – and he still does it, at 34. Only now, those blocks are bigger, made of steel, and the designs tend to be larger in scale: he uses repurposed shipping containers to create environment-friendly buildings. “It’s just like Lego blocks you ?can stack..

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DSF’s sustainable practices: Green vision, rosy future

In line with the spirit of Expo 2020, the DSF has taken an innovative step towards a greener community, launching the region’s first sustainable fashion and lifestyle marketplace made from shipping containers. 
Suresh Pattali finds out the DSF’s sustainable practices and what more can be done to shore them up. Ten years ago, in a..


Smart Box Industries’ Geo-Chem Project Sets Green Trend in Modular Construction

Dubai-based investors find shipping container conversion increasingly viable as construction option Smart Box Industries LLC, the region’s leading modular construction specialist, has pioneered a novel, eco-friendly trend in modular construction through converting commissioned off shipping containers into habitable spaces. Composed largely of recycled materials well past its initial intended use, container buildings leave minimal carbon..

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