DSF’s sustainable practices: Green vision, rosy future

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In line with the spirit of Expo 2020, the DSF has taken an innovative step towards a greener community, launching the region’s first sustainable fashion and lifestyle marketplace made from shipping containers. 
Suresh Pattali finds out the DSF’s sustainable practices and what more can be done to shore them up.

Ten years ago, in a world where smoking was a cultural attribute or a fashion statement, Dubai managed to achieve what many thought was next to impossible. The emirate started to enforce a ban on smoking in shopping malls in 2004. The ugly scene of sand-filled public ashtrays with cigarette butts sticking out and the obnoxious toxic cloud drifting along in the malls have all disappeared. Civic campaigns made us realise that such freedoms are snatched away for our own good, and we nodded in compliance.

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