Smart Box completes modular construction

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Smart Box Industries LLC, the region’s leading modular construction specialist, has pioneered a novel, eco-friendly trend in modular construction through converting commissioned off shipping containers into habitable spaces.

Composed largely of recycled materials well past its initial intended use, container buildings leave minimal carbon footprint while providing enduring structural framework that can be adapted to suit any design aesthetics.

Geo-Chem Middle East, one of the largest inspection and laboratory testing organisations in the area, own the MENA region’s first permanent modular building.

Manufactured and assembled by Smart Box, the new 13,440ft2 headquarters of Geo-Chem consists of 42 units of 40 feet high cube containers, and has been functional since November 2013 at Techno Park, Dubai.

The Geo-Chem facility meets all the requirements of a commercial building. Besides an open-plan office with natural lighting using tubular skylights seats over 150 staff, it also has a reception area, several individual cabins and a pantry-cum-dining room. In addition, it hosts a capacious archive spread across 5,200ft2 as well as conference, IT, prayer and ablution rooms.

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