SMART Public Toilets

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Addressing the dire need for a good public toilet system in urban pockets, Smart Box revealed a first of its kind, cutting edge public toilet unit conceptualized specifically for smart cities, at the recently concluded Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2015.

Converted from a 20 ft shipping container, the ‘plug & play’ smart public toilet is a fully self-contained model that can either be free-standing or integrated to the city’s utilities, and allows for easy deployment anywhere. Similar to the chemical toilets that are used for events, the unit has been designed keeping in mind the singular requirements of a growing metropolis such as Dubai.

Apart from incorporating the latest in terms of technology, the smart toilet unit sports green elements that are inherent to all Smart Box products. Made of upcycled shipping 20 ft container, the unit has a combination of solar lighting and LED lights, low power air-conditioning system, low water flushes and insulated spaces. In addition to these, the unit also has water-saving features such as sensor-controlled wash basin taps and urinal valves.