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    At Smart Box, we design, manufacture and install modular construction solutions for diverse industries across the world.

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    "The AIM Group's activities in Somalia have significantly improved as a result of the high quality standards of the containerized housing units we have purchased from you (Smart Box)"
    Mark P. Hannak, Vice President, AIM Group, Middle East & Africa

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    Region’s 1st permanent construction with shipping containers!

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    The perfect green building solution!!

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    Create interiors that match your needs.

Our Mission

"We are committed to delivering quality modular construction, at all levels, to the lives of the communities we are privileged to impact. While remaining sensitive to rising cost and changing trends, Smart Box Industries believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence. We achieve this through quality education, innovative technology, and our promise to ensure a better tomorrow through eco-friendly solutions today."

Arjun Menon
Managing Director
Smart Box Industries LLC


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Shipping containers are hot ovens and not fit for human habitation

Any non-insulated structure can become hot and unsuitable for human habitation in the summer months. A shipping container is as responsive to insulation as any other structure or material. All SMART modules are insulated with Rockwool or PU sandwich panels resulting in a more efficient insulated environment than a standard brick and mortar construction.