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Shipping Container

"We are committed to delivering quality modular construction, at all levels, to the lives of the communities we are privileged to impact. While remaining sensitive to rising cost and changing trends, Smart Box Industries believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence. We achieve this through quality education, innovative technology, and our promise to ensure a better tomorrow through eco-friendly solutions today."

Arjun Menon
Managing Director
Smart Box Industries LLC

Featured Works

<b>Dubai </b>Design District (d3)

Dubai Design District (d3)

What happens when cutting edge technology shakes hands with Arabic architectural sensibilities? The answer is what you see at Dubai Design District (d3)

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Permanent Construction with Shipping Containers

Smart Box won a prestigious contract in 2013 to construct a 13440 sq ft office-cum-archive area at Techno Park, Dubai, consisting of 42 units of 40 ft high cube containers on the ground floor at the same level.

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<b>Permanent Construction</b> with Shipping Containers


  • D3 Pocket Park - Dubai’s gateway to a Smart and Green Future

    Driving down the flyover to Dubai Design District (D3), you come across a rather unexpected structure nestled in between....

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  • Smart Box Reveals Cutting Edge Pubic Toilet Concept for Smart Cities at WETEX 2015

    Smart ‘Plug & Play’ Toilet Units Are Hygienic, Self Contained and ‘Green’ Smart Box Industries LLC, the regio....

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  • Smart Box Wins EGBC 2015 Award in Green Building System Category

    Award recognises container conversion as green alternative to traditional construction Dubai-UAE: Smart Box Industries ....

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  • SMART Public Toilets

    Addressing the dire need for a good public toilet system in urban pockets, Smart Box revealed a first of its kind, cutti....

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  • The Beach Canteen project

    Some pretty tasty cargo has landed on Dubai’s beaches this week, in the shape of shipping containers housing pop-up re....

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  • Dubai Food Festival (DFF) - 2014 & 2015

    Once a SmartBoxer, always a SmartBoxer. These last two years have seen Brag- a reputed event management company - join f....

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Shipping containers are hot ovens and not fit for human habitation.

Any non-insulated structure can become hot and unsuitable for human habitation in the summer months. A shipping container is as responsive to insulation as any other structure or material. All SMART modules are insulated with Rockwool or PU sandwich panels resulting in a more efficient insulated environment than a standard brick and mortar construction.

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